The Coromandel Adventures team are passionate advocates for the unique and fragile environment of The Coromandel so are proud to be working with two of our local conservation groups committed to the preservation and protection of our iconic species.  We consider the principles of Kaitiakitanga, guardianship and care of our environment for future generations, to be an integral part of our business. 

Our mission is to provide the insights to help create the conscious understanding that our natural resources are under pressure.  We provide the opportunity for visitors travelling with us to leave with more than great photos. For us success is achieved when our visitors gain increased understanding, greater respect and appreciation for our natural world, and choose to take an active role in helping us to protect it.
By partnering with the Coromandel Kauri Dieback Forum, Moehau Environment Group and the Department of Conservation we are now able to offer our visitors the  opportunity of contributing to the ongoing success of these programmes. For as little as a $5 donation you can show your commitment to the Tiaki promise and leave a legacy as part of the environmental success stories of The Coromandel.   


Of the Kauri forests that existed 200 years ago less than 0.5% remains and of these approximately 1 in 5 trees have Kauri  Dieback disease. Clearly, we are facing the possibility of total loss of these historic trees, so we all need to do what we can to assist their struggle to survive. The Waiau Kauri Grove is of special significance to Coromandel, being the largest, easily accessible grove of mature Kauri in the region.
Please help us in our campaign to help protect Kauri by supporting the Waiau Kauri Track Ambassador Programme. This will ensure all visitors entering the forest enter with a greater respect and understanding of what is required to help prevent the spread of this disease


Coromandel Adventures is excited to have partnered with Moehau Environment Group to help them reach their goal of restoring the  Coromandel Brown Kiwi habitat in the Northern Coromandel. Moehau Environment Group is a not-for-profit organisation, who with the help of a team of volunteers work tirelessly to maintain and restore NZ’s largest open sanctuary, providing landscape scale kiwi habitat protection– a whopping 30,000 hectares of stoat trapping from Port Jackson to Kennedy Bay.
Please help us assist in the ongoing success of this programme, and show your commitment to the Tiaki promise, with a donation towards habitat protection for the Coromandel Brown Kiwi Sanctuary.