Long Bay Guided Kauri Forest Experience

How Long:Approx 45mins-1 hour
Departing:Entrance of Long Bay Kauri Grove, Long Bay
You Need:Camera, Clothes and Footwear appropriate to the weather
Step into the tranquility of the forest and enjoy a guided tour into the beautiful Long Bay Kauri Grove. Our experienced local guides unfold the story of The Coromandel Kauri and the rich history of the area. Make you way through the naturally regenerating rainforest, along the well-formed track with foot bridges and boardwalks which take you right into the heart of this spectacular grove.

The Long Bay Kauri track is treasured by Coromandel Town locals and visitors alike. The one-hour loop track passes by a spectacular 1200-year old kauri, through a regenerating kauri ricker grove and mixed native forest before providing the option of continuing o to enjoy a beautiful coastal walk.

Thanks to the generous funding and support from the Ministry of Primary Industries, Coromandel Kauri Dieback Forum and TCDC, Coromandel Adventures are privileged to be operating a track ambassador and complimentary guided walk programme at Long Bay this Summer.

Our ambassador and guiding team are all local Coromandel people who are committed towards helping to care for kauri and sharing this with others. They will be on site, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for kauri and answering your questions about how we can all work together to keep kauri safe and healthy so they are here for generations to come. If they are on site for your visit, the ambassadors at the entrance will be keen to answer your questions and help you understand how to use the hygiene stations effectively.
Additional Information
Weekdays departs9am /10am / 11amReturns  9.45am & 11.45am
Weekend/Public Holidays9am/10am/11amReturns  9.45am/10.45am/11.45am

Schedule may be altered to for weather or operational reasons
Regular guided tours will be operating, but reservations are essential to avoid disappointment as group numbers will be limited to 10.

PLUS.....Extend your walk and continue through the secluded Tuck's Bay for a picturesque coastal walk back to Long Bay.

45 minute Guided Tour, Track includes a gentle, gradual slope, moderate fitness required.

Kauri dieback – what you need to know:

What causes kauri dieback?
Kauri dieback is caused by a fungus-like pathogen called Phytophthora agathidicida, which was identified in 2008, and was formally known as Phytophthora taxon Agathis (or PTA).

How does kauri dieback kill kauri?

The microscopic Phytophthora agathidicida spores in the soil seek out and infect kauri roots, and then damage the tissues that carry nutrients within the tree. Infected trees will eventually show a range of symptoms, including yellowing foliage, leaf loss, dead branches, and often (but not always) lesions that bleed resin at the base of the trunk.

How is kauri dieback spread?
Any movement of contaminated soil can spread the disease, regardless of whether that soil came from around kauri trees or not. Human activity is a key cause of infected soil movement (on footwear and equipment). But the pathogen can also be moved by animals such as pigs, by water moving through the soil, and possibly by river and stream water.

For even more information see: The Kauri Dieback Programme | Kauri Dieback
Long Bay Guided Kauri Forest Experience
Coromandel AdventuresLong Bay Guided Kauri Forest Experience
Coromandel AdventuresLong Bay Guided Kauri Forest Experience
Coromandel AdventuresLong Bay Guided Kauri Forest Experience
Coromandel AdventuresLong Bay Guided Kauri Forest Experience
Coromandel Adventures