Sustainable Coromandel Peninsula Tourism

Our Enviro Principles

Our mission is simple... " to inspire, educate and enable people to look after the places we all love".

Coromandel Adventures aim is to showcase the diverse landscapes, spectacular coastlines and unique flora and fauna of our region so that visitors gain an authentic experience of the real Coromandel. Each tour is designed to provide intimate and interactive experiences of our regions beauty while leaving only a minimal ecological footprint.

As founders of Coromandel Adventures, we have been passionate about the environment incorporating sustainable practices into our daily lives for over 30 years. We consider the principles of Kaitiakitanga, the guardianship and care of our environment for future generations, to be an integral part of every day. Environmental responsibility such as recycling, reducing waste, and adopting sustainable practices is a way of life for us.
By sharing our commitment to the Coromandel and passion for the environment with the local history and stories that belong here, our guides ensure visitors have the opportunity to leave with more than photographs.

We believe that through experience and learning comes appreciation and understanding.
This is the way Coromandel Adventures contributes to environmental sustainability.