About Coromandel Adventures

Come to our place, we’re waiting to share it with you 

Coromandel Adventures is a team of knowledgeable Coromandel locals who love sharing the beauty, history and culture of the region. We are here to help you connect with the people, places and the land of the Coromandel Peninsula. 

See more, learn more, discover more

Our passionate local guides make it their goal to help you truly connect with the Coromandel; to learn about the history, culture and geology of the region that make it so unique. It is our hope that by sharing this deeper knowledge, our guests depart the Coromandel with the same respect and appreciation that we have for this majestic place. 

Our place, your way

We understand and respect that every one of our guests is different. Some are thrill-seekers, some are avid hikers and some simply want to absorb the Coromandel’s peace and tranquillity. Coromandel Adventures can tailor your time here to help you connect with the region your way. 

Tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll make sure we get you to the right places with the local knowledge to match.
Coromandel Adventures is proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated.