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We can take you on an authentic adventure experience that only the locals know about, where history and geology are in abundance. The Coromandel, with its heart of natural beauty is a place that echoes our connection to nature. From our mountains to our rivers, our forests, and our beaches, we invite you to come and explore. 

We want to share our stories with you; our local guides will take you on an authentic experience, where you will get to spend time walking in their shoes. You will see New Zealand's bewildering beauty through a lens of local knowledge; the environment, people, history, geology and culture will all come to life. As guardians of our lands, you will quickly learn that our cultural and spiritual connection to our land runs deep. The adventure will leave you with a sense that history, culture and landscape are all connected.   

The people of the Coromandel Peninsula have been conserving our lands so they remain an untouched wonder. You'll be amazed that so few people appear to have recognised that paradise is still to be found so close to civilisation. Sun, or rain our tours will leave you with a smile. 

At Coromandel Adventures you can experience a fantasy world, bringing your imagination to life, as you experience the heart-stopping combination of the most rugged, magnificent and sublime coastal beauty that New Zealand has to share. We want you to wander with us through a place that is our precious treasure, guarded by the generations, to leave you awe-struck and humbled. Here everyone is met as a friend, it is all part of our DNA. 

No matter which one of our wide range of tours you choose to journey with us on, together we will leave no stone unturned, discovering all there is to offer. From land to sea, bush to beach, sedate to sensational. At Coromandel Adventures we open our doors and hearts for many expeditions in one stay. Come to our place, we're waiting to share it with you.


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